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Do Right, Do Good Testimonials

“The powerful and inspiring words of Jean Alerte in “Do Right, Do Good” gives me great confidence in the younger generation. He is a true leader of his generation and someone who continues to do great work!”

Russell Simmons Entrepreneur | Philanthropist | Author
Best Selling Author; "Do You" and "Super Rich"

“Contained within this biographical self-help guide are powerful tools that you can, not only to construct a new life, but to improve the lives of others as well as how to turn your dreams into reality. ”

Dennis Kimbro, PH.D
Best Selling Author "Think and Grow Rich, A Black Choice"

“Honest, real and heart felt!  Alerte has provided a much needed voice in our community and generation:  A no gimmick- "keep it stupid simple" voice to guide the youth and young professionals to achieve abundant, successful living in this beautiful county that we call, the land of opportunities!  Alerte provides you with practical, applicable know-how to reap those opportunities to the fullest.  Whether your goal is achieving academic or career success, finding personal balance or just getting in touch with your inner core being, this quick, easy to read book, Do Right, Do Good, offers valuable and relevant insight to lead you toward the right path!”

Raeha Kim, Esq.
Fitness/ Wellness professional, Brooklyn, NY

“ I LOVE IT! Your outlook on life and success is so empowering…. I’m writing down my vision as we speak.  Step one “the grind”…leading to developed talent, a developed life and a happy life because of my efforts to #dorightdogood ”

Gia “Kinky Duchess”
Blogger, Queens, NY

“ I haven’t put the book down yet and watching the Pursuit of Happiness tonight. The book feels more like a conversation than a sales pitch and I have read several inspirational books. I already told three people and will definitely tell my whole real estate team. ”

Quran Deas, Realtor,
New York City, NY

“I am very happy to see you doing well...Being from our neighborhood I am always rooting for you as I should...I will tell you that, as a musician, you are personally responsible for one of my greatest musical inspirations...You are part of one of my most inspirational memories...I thank you eternally for that...Be safe in all you do...God bless you brother ”

Boog Sancehez
Musician, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for all you help with the children of my school. You and your organization have been such an asset to my students. I also would like to thank you for speaking to the youth at my church. Do you know they are still talking about your presentation? YOU ARE NOT ONE WHO IS ALL TALK. YOU WALK WHAT YOU TALK. I SO RESPECT THAT. DUDE, YOU ROCK!”

Dorothy Pierott,
Guidance Counselor, Brooklyn, NY

“It’s people like you who inspire me to push harder on following my dreams. ”

Lakia Kia Echols,
Educator, Queens, NY

“Always been like a big brother and definitely an inspiration to me.  Keep doing your thing Peace, blessings and success”

Jake Peasall,
Drummer, Long Island, NY

“Very inspired by your dedication and hard work to start your own business. Like you said man if you don't build your dreams someone will hire you to build theirs. That’s real talk! Best of luck to you”

Wallace Anderson,
Professional, Atlanta, GA

“Jean, I am so proud of you and not a bit surprised by your success. I even release you from that special car promise, as the material is not as important as the spiritual! Continue to shine in all you do.”

Carolyn Sciortino,
Teacher, Long Island, NY

“It is inspiring to read about a successful, positive brother who is willing to pass on that positive knowledge to others.”

Annette Odom,
Professional, Brooklyn, NY

“I just finished this book and it’s a great book. I feel so inspired by your words.  Some of the chapters really touched me as I reflected on my life.”

Student, Brooklyn, NY

“People if you have not picked up a copy of “Do Right, Do Good” choose to do so It will change your life! You must take action to see the change you want!”

Eveline Pierre,
Entrepreneur, Author, Miami

“HOTEP! Support the positive movement and get your copy of “Do Right, Do Good”. Help us change the world one book at a time.”

Zangba Thomson,
Author, Baldwin, NY

“I’m so excited to see young men of color doing positive things. This book is amazing! God is good!”

Sarah Harrison
Muhammad, Mother, Brooklyn, NY

“Just finished reading DO RIGHT DO GOOD by Jean Alerte. Very inspiring words from a brother who practices what he preaches! He firmly believes in and is invested in giving back to his community, and he instills a commitment to hard work and integrity in anyone that chooses to listen (trust me, I had the pleasure of meeting him last week!). His burgeoning scholarship fund is further evidence of his protracted approach to helping others achieve!”

Henri Smith,
D.A. Office, Queens, NY

“You’re a true inspiration to us all! ”

Geovanni Derice,
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Brooklyn, NY

“You are amazing! God’s favor is all over you! Keep up the great work!”

Regine Vincent Bonet,
Professional, New York City

“Keep setting the right example and taking away people’s excuse not to succeed in this thing we call “LIFE””

Ode Jean-Claude,
Professional, Middle Island, NY

“"Jean Alerte is the epitome to the meaning of leadership. He transforms followers into leaders. Do Right. Do Good. Is the only way to live.”

Peter W. Yip,
Designer, Brooklyn, NY

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